Who should I drop to pick up KeKe Coutee?

Here’s my lineup:

WRs: Adam Thielen, Devante Adams, Cooper Kupp, Julian Edelman
RBs: David Johnson, Tevin Coleman, Dion Lewis, Kenyan Drake, Kerryon Johnson, Marshawn Lynch

I am thinking of dropping Kenyan Drake(weird game scripts/usage) or Kerryon Johnson(crowded backfield).


I’d go with Drake 100% over K Johnson. Drake is on the verge of losing his job to Frank Gore. Maybe already did…

Shit, doesn’t matter any more…

I canceled my original claim on him to make a change, but can’t make a new waiver claim now because I think they are going through right now, it wont let me choose him to add from waivers…


Dude, that literally just happend to me with my claim for Mike Davis lol. I went back in and the plus sign thing was greyed out and the fear set in…

Good thing i had another one ready for coutee and decided that would be better anyway (I hope).

RIP I guess I wont pick up Coutee then haha

I have two QBs (Goff + Stafford) which I think is wasting a roster spot right now, so I’m gonna try and drop Stafford to pick up a WR3/4 off waivers…got any suggestions?

Taywan Taylor. He available?

@thomas_man ^^^

I wouldn’t drop any of them for KeKe, unless Fuller misses multiple weeks consistently. Even Drake as he is worth a look for another couple of weeks, behind DJ/Lynch you have good depth but not a solid play every week as your RB3 i would hold and see if he can break out, RBs are so hard to find and the talent will win out in the end even against the infinity stone that is Gore… But in 2 weeks if you have a dire need and he’s still a full bust, low snaps etc then yes he will be a cut