Who should I drop to pick up Latavius Murray!?

Looking to pick up Latavius Murray as a flyer!
Who would you drop?
Chris Herndon
Chase Edmunds
Alexander Madison

I’d drop Alexander Mattison

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What does your tight end situation look like? Herndon is looking like he is not gonna play (again) this week. Who knows when he actually is going to play, as well as who knows how long it will take him to get back in the groove. Madison is a great stash, but mainly for the Cook owner. I have added and dropped him 3 or 4 times already this year (I am not a Cook owner). I keep dropping him, because unless Cook goes down, I will never start him. Edmonds is also good, considering DJ status. Looks like David Johnson will play again, somewhat lowering Edmonds’s value… But, seems like they are using him more, no matter if DJ is playing or not. Murray is probably the best pickup for the week, but I believe everyone going into it is hoping Kamara is out. Bears D is pretty tough though, regardless.

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Currently have George Kittle at TE. Don’t have Cook but they have used Madison a little bit more lately. I agree Edmonds has been good with David Johnson’s back injury allowing him a little more work.

Personally man, with Kittle on your team, I would not roster a second tight end. Kittle has already had his bye, and if for some reason he gets dinged up, you can just stream someone. I’d drop Herndon for Murray, in this situation.


Awesome! Thanks bro.

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Knowing who to drop is always the hardest part.