Who should I drop??

I’m the Kareem Hunt owner and I need to drop someone to grab Spencer Ware heading into the weekend. (0.5 PPR)

Choices are:

Keke Coutee
Tre’Quan Smith
Anthony Miller
Elijah McGuire

Who has the least value ROS?

I wouldn’t hesitate to drop any of the 3 wideouts you listed. Will any of these guys make it into your starting lineup? If not, then start stashing handcuffs and defenses for the playoffs.

Sure, but I’d still kind of like to know how folks would rank those 3 guys ROS . . .

I need guys with upside, because I lost Cooper Kupp, and I’m down to Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry, and Emmanuel Sanders as my top 3 WRs. my #4 is Courtland Sutton.

Just hoping one of those guys becomes something startable in case of an emergency.

Gotcha. Well it’s dependent upon format, are you aiming for upside, do you need rbs or wideouts… etc. There are a lot of things that factor into who to keep not just their ROS outlook. I’d go Miller, Keke, then Tre’Quan for the wideouts. I’d put McGuire above them just for the fact that he could become a usable rb and those are hard to find this late in the season. But it sounds like you need more wideout depth so if you needed to cut mcguire for a handcuff it makes sense.

I like to look at the options that I’m thinking about cutting this late in the season and see if I ever see them making it into my lineup. For example, my one team that I’m counting on playoffs for has Aaron Jones, Kamara, and Michel for my rbs and Julio, AB, Josh Gordon, and Larry Fitz for my wideouts. So people like Tre’Quan and McGuire would never see my lineup barring injury. So I’ve started stashing defenses, handcuffs, and guys with upside (like Penny). That’s what I was getting at above.

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Alright, I dropped Tre’Quan. Kind of wondering if I should pick up Rashad Penny now though. I literally just dropped him prior to last night’s game to pick up Keke.

My RB depth is really good, but I can start 3 RBs in this league, and my top 4 are Kareem Hunt, David Johnson, Mark Ingram, and Marlon Mack. Penny definitely has looked good despite not putting up huge numbers last night, and Carson is always getting hurt, so I’m with you on stashing Penny. Kind of wish I had held onto him now.

Yeah, so you dropped Tre’Quan for Ware, correct? I would also consider dropping McGuire for Penny. I think Penny has way more upside than McGuire (Jets offense is horrible) and I don’t think McGuire would make it in your lineup outside of maybe next week for Hunt’s bye. If you’re comfortable with Mack for next week, I wouldn’t be against it. McGuire will never see your lineup outside of next week with those RBs IMO.

You could also look to see if Gio is available. Apparently Mixon was limited at practice yesterday due to a knee issue.

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Yeah, dropped Tre’Quan for Ware. I’ll have to see what happens after waivers clear next week. Hopefully Penny is still out there.

Thanks for the tips!

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Oh man . . . I wish I didn’t drop Tre’Quan now.

Not blaming you at all, though, it was my decision haha

Plus, both Keke and Miller put up pretty encouraging performances. It’s not a disaster.

Yeah, that was a tough one for me to see as well. I dropped him in favor of Larry Fitz. Still don’t think it’s a bad call though. Remember that NO was at home in the dome… Tre’Quan is going to have a couple of those games. But he goosed last week… I still like the consistency of Miller and Keke going forward so it’s not all bad!

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