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Who should I drop?


My league is a full point ppr and a 12 team league. I was thinking of picking up Chris Carson and dropping Thomas Rawls and dropping Darren McFadden and picking up Frank Gore. Are these good ideas, here’s the rest of my roster. Any other possible pickups you would suggest would be much appreciated.
QB Flacco (streaming)
RB Ajayi, Elliott, West, Kelley, Rawls, McFadden
WR: Pryor, Hill, Jeffery, Cobb, Garcon
TE Rudolph


I would drop Rawls and pick up Carson. I would drop Mcfadden, but i would not get Gore. Better off with Henry or Allen.


Neither Henry or Allen or available. Everyone went after running backs the first couple weeks. Any other suggestions for players to pick up. I was thinking maybe JJ Nelson or Rashard Higgins.


Definitely drop DMC and grab Gore. he’s not exciting but gets the job done, especially when (if) Luck returns.


I think jj Nelson would be a solid choice :+1:t2:


nelson is a great pickup in my opinion


Thanks for the advice guys I picked up Carson, but both Gore and Nelson were picked up. So I picked up Rashard Higgins, what do you guys think of that pick up?


Another receiver that I think can do pretty well. I like the pick up :+1:t2: