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Who should I flex out of these players? Half Point PPR


Half Point PPR

Got my Line up set but Diggs sitting has thrown my Flex outta whack…

Who should I Flex outta these players?.. Right now I have Aaron Jones in my flex spot…


Id start Pryor. SFs defense is very bad and without Norman for WAS, this game has the makings for a shootout


I want to start Pryor I have Cousins as my Starting QB… I just havnt seen much to make me wanna start him… Chances are thats the play I go with though…


I think he has the most upside and probably the best matchup too. Plus, every week its seemed like him and Cousins have gotten more used to each other


I like Duke Johnson


I also like Duke Johnson. There’s definitely upside with Pryor playing SF, but he hasn’t shown upside yet. I think Johnson has the safest floor. If you’re behind in the matchup by a lot I would play prior, but if you’re within 10 points I would go Johnson.


Im down by 16 points… He had Funchess and his kicker play already… Im truly torn on who to play here… Duke might be a safe play cause Houston D has a lot of injuries… My hesitation on Pryor is his lack of consistency


This is my starting line up as of right now


I think you have got to go with Pryor. Great matchup, and you want that upside. Don’t like Johnson here at all this week with Hogan behind center, believe he’s lost that floor.


Thats my worry with Duke… Hogan and him wont have the same chemsty that Kizer and Duke had… Its coming down to Duke or Pryor… And I still have no clue who to flex…

Cause you know who ever I dint flex will get 30pts on my bench cause thats how fantasy football works hahaha