Who should i go after with DeAndre Hopkins?

Coming off another good game, now i think is the time to trade him. What are some reasonable trades i should go for. I also have Doug Martin i would throw in there with him if i can get the right deal.

Would you trade hopkins for melvin gordon?

On paper you’ve got the best wide receiver in the league. Figure out where your team needs the most improvement and try to fix it. Try to aim high for top 5 players, and focus on their upcoming schedule (exspecially the playoff schedule).

Baldwin would be good

Yeah, Baldwin would be a good pick up. The only thing that you might have to worry about is week 13 against Philly.

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Philly isn’t good against pass

I’ve been wondering the same.

My roster is
QBs, Goff and Alex Smith
RBs, Hunt, Gordon, Gurley, Duke, Darkwa
WRs, Diggs, Hopkins, Watkins, C. Davis, and Benji
TE, Ertz
DST Lions
K, Lutz

So far the only trades I think I could try are for Hill (too many players on 1 team) or Jeffery (injury risk).