Who should I grab at 10?

Thoughts on who Inshould possibly target around the 10th Pick I’m looking for a RB but we’ll see !?

Best Player Available. Thats who.

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I drafted today in a 12 team ppr league from the 10th and Le’Veon bell to me

Depends on who’s left!!! I’d be happy with Bell

Surprised so many people like Bell. I feel like Chubb is not only a lot safer but has huge upside. Hunt might even get traded. Browns drafted Chubb high and traded Duke and Crowell is gone for a reason.

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I’m a huge proponent for Chubb. I have been talking about what a beast he’s been since he’s been the Carlos Hyde backup and how nuts that decision was. But there are very few RBs that are as versatile and aggressive as hunt. Until he gets traded, which I’m not sure the Browns will do, I’m not sure I want Chubb with my first pick. If Hunt is active on that team, there is no world where he gets less than 40% of the touches.

Now I do think Chubb will absolutely crush it up until hunt is active in week 9

I just think Chubb is a better pick than Bell and Bell is going R1. You may be right IF Hunt plays. But that’s an if. What if he hits someone again?

In standard I’d take Chubb all day not in ppr though can’t see him being targeted a lot in that offence

Personally, I’m with Sanders or DHop that late.