Who should I keep 2022 season?

Full PPR 3 player keeper

Starting to look a bit to next season. If I lose this week will be tough to make playoffs so if it comes to that I’ll start selling off some players for picks. Who would you be looking at keeping. Can only keep 3

CMC 1st round

Godwin 3rd round

Montgomery 3rd round

Dak 5th round

Deebo 6th round

Devonta smith 8th round

Cmc and Deebo seem locks. Others I think it’s watch the season close out and any off season moves to make next decisions.

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How do you think smith will jump going into his second year? I have someone approaching me for him but I’m not sure if I’d be loosing out on a top WR next season. Or will he be good but replaceable

I think he’s a gamble either way. If I was able to use him and another to get a sure thing stud I would though.

I appreciate the opinions! One last question. cmc can only be kept for one more season. Could probably get Zeke plus for him, the team has been bugging me all season for cmc. If I can get Zeke plus, would it be worth the trade? Zeke can be kept for 3 season as opposed to cmc 1

I hate to say it because I’m a fan, but I’m not convinced zeke sees out 3 seasons as a starter

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