Who should I keep? Andrew's or Kyler

I have the option of keeping

Mark Andrews in the 13th


Kyler in the 15th

8 team full PPR


Wow, both are incredible values to me, but I’d go Andrews. Mainly because you could still get a great QB value in the middle or later rounds. Especially in an 8 team league, it’s going to be super QB deep. You go easily get Kyler in a middle round, which is still a value.

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That is a tough decision. I lean towards Kyler though, I think he is gonna ball out this year with Nuke! I think Andrews might be a bit safer of a bet though.

Good news is that there isn’t a bad decision here

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I would go Andrews. It opens it up to secure skill positions in the first 4-5 rounds and then from there you could possibly get a tier 2 or 3 QB or keep stacking up on RB/WR. In the round 5-6 range.

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Andrews for me! Being able to punt the TE position and get him that late will be great.