Who should I keep? HELPPPP

I have to keep two guys with the penalty of losing the round in which they were drafted for this year. Already keeping Hunt who I drafted in the third. Other options include:
Cooper (2nd round)
Theilen (7th round)
Alex Collins (waivers- i’d lose my last round pick)
Cam (waivers)

Depends on who else is being kept in your league, but I’d go Thielen.

I like keeping Theilen as well.

Theilen for sure! I like Cam at QB as well. So last 2 picks and you already have a solid foundation.

Based on value and position-depth, I think Theilen is your best bet here. That guy’s going late 2nd/early 3rd, so you’re saving on average five rounds with the pick. Use that position to take a RB like Jordan Howard, or another WR like Baldwin, and you’re gonna be stacked.

Vikes OL is unraveling. Theilen also, no way he re-creates last year with a new OC. I honestly would not keep any of those. Start over.

@EconoTeam you might definitely have a point with the OL, and he’ll probably get decreased targets and less red zone looks, but he’s also getting an upgrade with Cousins over Keenum. Regardless, Thielen in the seventh is an amazing value. Too good to pass up. Cam is also a good choice.

I would go Theilen and even though I love Collins for what he is, Cam can finish number 1 QB and Collins can’t finish top 5 RB.