Who should I keep in my full ppr league

I am in desperate need of help. In my league we have two keepers which are our two picks in the draft. My first keeper is Barkley but I can’t decide on my second one. I have Carson, Kerryon Johnson, Ingram, juju, or kittle. Right now I’m down to Johnson or kittle but I don’t know if kittle in the second round would be the smart move. Thanks

How many teams in the league? For me having a top tier TE greatly depends on that aspect (8-10 team go for it, 12-16 not so much)

It’s a 10 team league

Has to be Kittle for me. I love having one of the top TEs that can be depended on each week. The other options are not too appealing to me at this point. I’d go with Kittle for sure.