Who should I keep in this deep league

First here’s the breakdown of our league. It’s a keeper league and IDP. Full point PPR and 6 point passing TD. We are doing an auction draft and usually start with $500 because of so many players. Because of trades I made last year, I get to start with $550 which is a pretty good sized amount more than everyone else.

My question/issue is I get to keep 2 of these 3 players: David Johnson, Jerick McKinnon, or DeShaun Watson. I’m leaving towards DJ (there’s no doubt I’m keeping him) and Watson and then going all out for Barkley. The issue with that is, I know a lot of people will be going for him (as they should) so there’s not a 100% chance I get him. Or should I keep DJ and McKinnon, try to get Barkley and then either keep or trade McKinnon? There really isn’t a bad answer, it’s just one that I’m thinking way too hard again. Thank you

nah keep it simple. dont keep the QB that can be replaced easier than an RB can be. take the 2 RBs and roll into the draft already set on starting RBs. that gives you the flexibility to go after other positions heavier. the only real question left though, is what are their costs going to be? that MIGHT change my answer. is there even a cost for keepers? there should be if there isnt. but if there isnt, RBs all day.

There’s no cost to keep, which is great for me right now. I fully expect Barkley to go in the $100 range. That’s 20% for other people and would be about 16% for me, so that’s a huge difference for our league. I guess the part that’s an issue for me is, I am the one who discovered Watson first last year and just hate to give him up. But I also know that would be following my heart and not my brain.

yeah thats one thing that we have to learn how to curve. the fact that we just fall in LOVE with a player. but sometimes i also just say, fuck it i dont care. i want this player on my team, im going to get them on my team. sometimes its best to follow your brain, sometimes its best to follow your heart. and if you are at a cross roads between picking players and you know how much a player means to you… do it man. i have lost a season before because i made the wrong choice, but it was one of the more fun years i have had because i loved my team. my point being, dont be afraid to make a choice because you just flat out like a player better. unless you are in like a huge pot league where the payin is 1000 dollars or something. then you treat it like a business decision lol.

No Ifs ands or buts from our side.

To keep both RBs?

Keep both RBs. I would still go hard for Barkley. I am a Texans fan and think Watson is going to have a good if not great season; however, as mentioned before the value on QBs can be had very late even in auctions.

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