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Who should I keep? (PPR Keeper league lol)


I picked up this team from a friend. Tell me who you would keep. Whoever I keep I loose one of my 1st 6 round picks (ie: keep 2 and I start drafting in the 3rd RD, keep 5 and I start in the 6th RD)
Also they guy I picked up the team from traded my 7th & 8th RD picks so if i keep 6 then I don’t start drafting till the 9th.
12 team PPR
20 roster spots (no kicker)
starters: 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 Flex
My team (the important ones):
D. Murray
J. Howard
S. Ware
D. Henry
D. Hopkins
J. Edelman
P. Garcon
R. Wilson


I would keep Gronk, Murray, and Howard.


I agree with him on Murray, Gronk, and Howard. Everyone else you can draft later rounds or someone comparable. You really need to pick some high end WR I the early rounds


thank you guys