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Who should I keep? QB or WR?



My current keepers: OBJ and Jordan Howard

Should I keep Jamison Crowder or Big Ben (both would cost my 14th round pick)

If I keep Big Ben I can trade Crowder for 10th rounder and hopefully get Brown at 1.03 to pair together. However DJ is kept so Brown is technically #2 on the board and may not be there at 3. At which case I would go Mccoy.

If I keep Crowder I would probably hope that Mccoy falls to three and I would take him. If he gets taken at 2 i would probably take Melvin Gordon at 3 over Brown or Julio because I wouldn’t want to wait until 2.04 pick to take my second RB cuz then I would probably get Mcaffery or someone not proven due to keepers.



I wouldn’t even consider keeping Big Ben, Crowder is such a value in the 14th.


a 10th rounder is not good enough to trade crowder away. i just keep crowder and let big ben go back to the pool. i like everything else you have planned though.


Crowder for sure. You can pick Big Ben up much easier if you end up getting Brown. Crowder has Top 15 WR potential.

I’ve got a Crowder question too if you don’t mind weighing in?


Keep Crowder, lose Ben!


Keep Crowder