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Who should I keep?


Mike Evans, Lamar Miller, TY Hilton, Gronk? Which two should I keep?


Evans and Gronk or Evans and Hilton, depending on how many other wr are kept


I don’t want to keep Miller, but RB depth scares me. 12 team league and teams are allowed to keep two RB so all the top RB will be gone. Should I be worried about that or do you think I can find values later in draft?


I guess I should have asked league format. Standard? PPR?


Sorry. 1/2 PPR


I wouldn’t worry about how many top RBs get kept. If it were my team I would be focused on keeping the best two assets period. That’s Evans and either TY or Gronk. Pick your flavor between TY and Gronk honestly. If you forced me to choose I’d have to say Evans and Gronk.


I’m with everyone else here and say the picks are Evans and Gronk. I have Miller in my keeper league, but if I kept him it would cost me a first round pick. I am letting him go! After the top 3 RBs, I think you can find some mid-tier guys that can fill Miller’s spot very well.

On a side note, I have a similar question for my league. I’m in a full point PPR - 12 team league, not sure who to keep between Moncrief or Gillislee, both would cost me a 10th round pick. I’m already keeping Cooper for a 3rd rounder. Thoughts?


Evans and TY for me…Gronk is to injury prone and feel there is some good value at TE this year. Gronk is ELITE don’t get me wrong but feel like with all those weapons that ball will be moved around allot…and miller with time share now could help but all depends on the evolution of WATSON. TY has LUCK and Evans is a monster with Jacksons opening up the field even more for him


Most likely there won’t be more than 12 rb’s kept. Guys will lean toward the receivers. Definitely would not keep Miller. I’m guessing you could draft him in the 1st rd of your draft. There will be some good rb2/3 guys that you can load up on for depth.
Personally, I’d keep gronk. He is so much better than every other tight end when he’s on the field. Just use a late pick to take a solid backup for the weeks he misses.


Evans and Hilton


Definitely Evans and Hilton for me!


Evans and Hilton


Just as long as Evans is in the equation, you can’t really go wrong with your second choice :slight_smile: I rather have Gronk just to own the rights to the premiere TE spot, but Hilton would be awesome as well!


Currently I like Gilly but this is contingent on 2WR. I feel with Cooper in the 3rd you have one of those locked down and then you pick up your #2 as early as you feel comfortable.


What are the costs for each? Generally agree with the popular Evans Hilton Combo suggested by others though


Keep Evans and Hilton. That will serve you best long term. I hear you on RB depth, but this rookie class is deep + offseason shakeups have increased values of lesser owned players. Think Paul Perkins, Bilal Powell, or even Theo Riddick. Add in Perine, kareem hunt and a few other rookies who may steal starting jobs (besides the obvious top rookie picks), and my bet is that you’ll be fine.