Who should I look for if I trade away D Hop

Heya everyone.
I’ve struggled this year and my running backs are trash (David mont. Damien Williams. Austin eckler) and i feel more comfortable with my wide receivers (Alshon. Larry Fitz. Brandon cooks).
I’ve had interest in D Hop nut not sure what level of player I should look for in return? Any thoughts appreciated.

It’s 1/2ppr with a receiving only flex.

So, you obv need a RB i would look to ad a RB2 and WR2 if you can. possibly a low end RB1. I could see you going for somone safe in the RB landscape like Kerryon J. I would look for TDs from your RB since its 1/2 point. You could buy low on Melvin Gordon after yesterday and play that backfiled every week but that is very ballzy. Chris Carson would be another RB i would shoot for w/ a nice WR to combo him with. Or even a nice TE

FYI… Kerryon Johnson was hurt on the weekend so I might steer clear of him.