Who should I offer for Christian Mccaffrey?

I’m looking at acquiring another running back since Ajayi hasn’t been that good this year, but I’m not sure who to offer for Mccaffrey.
Here is my team:
QB: Cousins
RB: Zeke, Ajayi, Mcfadden, Morris, Mckinnon,
WR: Julio, Hill, Diggs, Agholor, Matthews
TE: ASJ, Rudolph
Here is the other guys team:
QB: Mariota, Hundley
RB: Murray, Mccaffrey, Lewis, Smallwood
WR: Wright, Benjamin, Cooper, Fuller, Humphries
TE: Kelce
I’m thinking of offering Mckinnon and either Agholo or Matthews, is that a reasonable offer? Would love some feedback.

Bump for suggestions.

If i was the McCaff owners I would do Diggs or Hill straight up

So offering Diggs for Mccaffrey is a good trade for me?

Yeah I believe its a fair trade, I wouldnt want Agholor or Matthews and it would be hard trying to trade McKinnon after the bad preformance last week

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Thanks for the advice and I’ll try offering that and see if he accepts it.

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Why would he trade after this week? Cooper and Benjamin are gonna be his guys he doesn’t need anyone unless you offer Julio. And no one on his team is worth it. You’re gonna trade him3 crappy guys for 1 average guy? He doesn’t have holes to fill why would he make this trade. And for you why would you want to? Mccaferty isn’t that good.

Benjamin and Cooper aren’t every week starters. Cooper has been garbage minus this week and Benjamin is ~9 points a week.

Trading for McCaffrey doesn’t give you much upside. I’d consider going after Murray and see if he can catch fire.

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This league is ppr that’s why i was looking at getting a cheap option in case Zeke gets suspended.