Who Should I (Or Should I Even) Drop For A WR?

Roster construction:

QBs: Palmer, Luck (On bench. No IR spot)
RBs: Murray, Hunt, Montgomery, Gurley, Martin, T West
WRs: A Brown, Baldwin, Crabtree, Fitzgerald
TEs: Gronk, Graham (got him on waivers)
DST: Cardinals
K: Lutz

Should I drop someone for WR depth? If so, who do you all lean towards?

I would not do it unless you have to start 3 WRs. Your team is solid. I love having hunt montgomery and gurley along with Demarco (Might try and deal him+ Fitz for a better WR)

How on earth did you end up with this monster team!?
You are absolutely deep enough in the WR position, wow I am very impressed

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i would drop west, you have 5 other startable rb’s. West is pretty much looking like a goal line back imo.
Fitz is looking old and baldwin is a victim of seattle’s o line problems.
Really depends whats on your waivers though.

I used tiers, my opponents didn’t. I took guys like Crabtree and Montgomery in the mid-rounds while my opponents took their 2nd QB’s and D/ST’s.

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what of team is this!? the league is yours. The only thing i would do is maybe trade an RB for WR, try and trade murray and martin for some stud WR.