Who should I package and who should I Target... ***PICS INCLUDED***

Half Point PPR… Im 1-3 and looking to make a comeback and win it all… This is my roster, Who should I trade and who should I target?

Starting Line up

Heres my Bench Players

What can I do to improve this team?

I dont know if I would trade anything. You have a good team. You could try and trade one of your rb since you have a lot of quality rb.

That’s a solid team, and rough start for how much talent is on it. You have more than enough rb depth, I would try and trade some of that away to upgrade at wr, which you are pretty weak at behind Julio. If you can package Conner with a wide receiver (not julio) to get a good every week starter I would do that. At this point I would trade Conner for anything usable starter related. Instead of specific players, look for teams that either need rb help (which should be a lot) or have too many receivers to use and see how much you can exploit that.