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Who should I pick up off waivers?


I’m dropping McFadden since Zeke’s suspension is on hold and probably won’t occur at all this year. Who should I pick up that you guys are thinking will blow up this week? I was thinking maybe Golladay, Kupp, or Kendall Wright. Who would you recommend out of that group or is there someone else I should target?
This is a standard 12 team league by the way.
My roster is:
QB Dalton
RB Ajayi, Zeke, Kelly, West, Rawls, McFadden
WR Hill, Pryor, Jeffery, Garcon, Cobb,
TE Rudolph


Why give up your handcuff? If something happens to Zeke, DMC will be a must start. Your roster looks fine to me at this point. I think I’d rather hold the insurance policy with DMC then picking up another flyer.


I agree here, you never know what is going to happen with Zeke


Your roster looks good, you have good depth at RB & WR. If you feel the need to drop an RB to pick up a WR I’d drop Rawls and hang on to DMC. The RB situation in SEA is worse than in NE where you have to try and guess correctly each week and that’s if any of them can stay healthy.

I’m high on Kupp in a PPR this year but as for standard, I like Wright. He’s gonna see a lot of targets and has shown flashes before.


OK I didn’t know if another receiver would be better since my receivers aren’t that strong in terms of high end talent.


You have 4 #1’s on your team, Hill showed he’s for real the other night. Between the other 3 you could have a high end WR2 there. And I think even Cobb is going to have a bounce back year, I could see him having a better year than Adams.


Thanks for the advice, that’s what I thought when I was drafting. But some people think I need a more surefire number 1 receiver.


I’d say go with your instincts :smile: