Who should I play in my flex?!

So this is my current roster:
D. Brees
E. Elliott
J. Howard
G. Tate
L. Fitzgerald
J. Cook
A. Callaway
On my bench I have:
J. Mixon (out)
K. Johnson
D. Westbrook
G. Allison
J. Allen
TJ Yeldon

Who should I start in my flex? I have callaway there for now because Gordon is gone and Landry is a game time decision so I feel like he can be a big play if they rely on him, however would it be better to play a rb like Javorius Allen who may have an easier time of getting a td? What do you guys think?

Callaway isn’t a bad play but don’t base it on the assumption that Landry may be out. Landry isn’t really a game time decision