Who should I play?!?!? Round 1 of playoffs!

For my RB2 WR2 and flex spots, I have Kenyan Drake, Myles Gaskin , Devante Parker, Brandin Cooks, Amari Cooper. Full PPR. Which 3 should I play and which 2 should I bench, I’m leaning towards Drake because of the favorable matchup vs giants. Parker because vs the chiefs I feel the dolphins will be forced to throw a lot. And gaskin because he is also involved in the passing game and is the only healthy back for Miami and is a workhorse. But with Cooks if he’s healthy there is a lot of upside(high ceiling)and with Cooper as long Dalton is playing I feel he has a high floor. What do I do? Please help!!!

Def Gascan but I’d go Amari and Cooks for other two. Then Parker, then Drake even tho I have Drake and need to start him as my rb2/flex.