Who should I play this week

Who should I bench Matt Breida or Derrick Henry for week 2
Half ppr
.20 rush attempt

Of those options I would bench Breida. Why is Hunt mentioned here? You can’t bench him

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I was just giving my options at rb. But thanks for your feedback.

No prob. I just thought that by listing him, you were considering benching him.

I’d go Hunt and Breida as my plays but it’s a coinflip between Henry. That game they played in was like 9 hours long and the worst setup to gauge anyone’s value on that team. It’s going to be like week 3 before we really know if henry has value or not.

Yeah kinda my same thought process. Thanks for the reply.

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hunt hes too good not to play especially with the volume he usually gets compared to the other two and your league settings.

woops read that wrong but id go breida and hunt henry isnt seeing much work and breida is the pass catcher of the 2 backs in sf.

long story short sit henry.

Makes sense thanks.