Who should I sit out of these

I need 1 RB and 2 Flex in .5 PPR

My choices are:

Melvin Gordon
James White
Golden Tate
Latavius Murray

I am thinking James White and Tate for sure, im having a hard time between Gordon and Murray. I dont think either option is good honestly.

I think I would go with Gordon

I hate having to sit Gordon but and I have a feeling as soon as I bench him he will break out. I think i agree though benching Gordon might be the right call.

Oh, I meant I would start Gordon. Misread the question. I’d probably sit Murray… Bears win games on their D and Murray isn’t as good as Kamara. I don’t think he has a good game.

You have a point, Kamara has been far below his normal this year. I feel like Murray and Gordon will have similar floors. Gordon could see more scoring chances though, I dont see the Bears/Saints scoring many points.

Id sit James white. With how Bolden has been sniping TDs.

You think they will have Bolden playing with Rex back (I assume he will play)? White has a solid floor and gets tons of targets. I think the Jets defense makes them pass more, its hard to set White knowing that.

Probably White for me