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Who Should I start at my flex position?


Standard scoring. Should I start Crabtree, Riddick, West or Kelley at the flex position?


Crabtree no question. Dont let last game scare you. He’s a monster and in my starting lineup every week.


Yea… I love Crabtree also. I’m just nervous of another stinker against the broncos D… not that my other options are ant better really.


I definitely understand that but hes way too valuable to be on your bench. I had Diggs on my bench with AJ Green and Cooper as my WRs and Ty in my flex and I was in tears last week with 40 on my bench (8 man league so their all super teams). Crabtree with back to back duds is a low probability


Yea I hear ya… hopefully I’m crushing my opponent and it won’t matter anyway lol.