Who should I start for QB?

Who do you guys think I should start in my QB position this week? I stared Ryan over Newton last week and it wasn’t a good time. What is your opinion on their matchups this week? Who do you think is best to start? Should I just drop one?

Cam Newton v. Washington
Matt Ryan v. Tampa Bay

Cam newton already had his bye week so i’m rolling with him ROS, the ballers usually have him ranked anwhere from 2-6 due to his rushing capabilities, so rather than sweat which QB to start i’m taking Cam as my ride or die.

my 2 cents at least

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Yeah I shouldn’t have doubted him last week. Thankfully I got the win anyway. You think I should just drop Ryan? I only picked him up for Newton’s bye and I would rather not stress every week over who to start.

I’d start Ryan. I actually have Ryan and Newton too. My league has 5 point passing TD’s and a point for 40 yard completions/total passing yards milestones though, so it doesn’t value Cam’s running skills as much. But, I still like Ryan even in standard vs. Cam when it’s at home vs. TB. It’s always a tough choice between these two guys though…

I don’t think you should drop either of them if you don’t have to right now for any particular reason. They both have no reason not to be end the season as top 5 point scorers, if not the #1 and #2 point scorers. It’s completely possible, so you might be able to trade one or the other for something legitimately valuable in November or whenever your deadline is. You probably could right now, for that matter.

I actually may play Cam but if I do, it’s bc my opponent has CMC. I figure it might be worth a possible lower score to hopefully cancel out CMC’s receiving stats (it’s PPR too). Hard to guess whether it will end up being worth it or not with the matchup Ryan has…and if I do play Cam, then I"m banking on the rest of my team to beat the rest of his team pretty much, depending on various factors of course. As you can see, I am conflicted, haha. I’m probably just going to play Ryan. And he better damn well perform because I’m prob gonna be there…

The matchup against the Bucs is just too good to pass on, Washington has a defense that is still in question and could show up against the Panthers I feel like this will be this weeks trap game I see a low scoring ugly game. Either way take Ryan

I have a pretty similar situation.

Matt Ryan vs TB
Winston vs ATL