Who should I start for the playoffs

non-ppr scoring
Pick 1
K Golladay, T Boyd or A Cooper.
Pick 3
N Chubb, P Lindsay, D Johnson, J Mixon, G Edwards, L Miller, S Ware

Chubb, Lindsay, Johnson/Mixon (slightly leaning towards Johnson)

Ok, thanks. Currently have a trade proposal where I trade D Johnson and T Boyd for D Hopkins, hopefully that goes through so I start Hopkins and mixon along with chubb and lindsay

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I agree on cooper.

For RB i am looking at Lindsay. I think DJ has a bounce back game. then chub or miller.
I do not like mixon against he chargers. Ware against baltimore isn’t great either but i think with all the weapons chiefs have ware could still have a decent game, and probably will get a td.
edwards has been banged up a bit this week, and i like the other 4 i mentioned better anyway imo