Who should I take first round?

10 team league 2 Keepers
I kept Waller(7th) and Gibson(11th)
Best available on draft day that I know will make it to me on my first pick will be:
N. Chubb
A. Jones
A. Ekeler
J. Mixon
J. Taylor
N. Harris
C.E. Helaire
T. Kelce
D. Hopkins
C. Ridley
There’s only 5 picks after mine till my 2nd round pick so I will be able to get a 2nd one from this list who do I start with? And who am I looking to follow up with?

Where you already have Waller, I’d grab Jones first and then pray for Ekeler to fall back to you. If Ekeler is gone, go Hopkins or Ridley.

PPR or half I’d take Jones, but non-PPR I’d be tempted to take Chubb. Everyone is hating on Mixon, and for good reason, but I’d think of him as a steal if he was there for your second pick. If it’s non-PPR, I’d take all of those running backs except CEH ahead of the receivers.