Who should I take with my round 2 and round 3 picks?

I have the #2 pick in my draft for a redraft 10 team league next week. It’s full ppr with full point for first downs, 6 points for passing tds, and a lot of other bonus points.

Rosters are 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 2 flex, 7 bench spots, 2 ir spots, one defense, no kickers.

I’m going with CMC or Kamara with my first pick,or Elliott if he signs a new deal by then.

I’ve heard the ballers say to go wr heavy in lineups that have 3 wrs and full ppr. Should I go with 2 wr in rounds 2 and 3 or…

I’m hoping to get Kelce by 2nd pick but based on the mocks I’ve been doing, he’s picked by my 2nd pick. If he is there though, should I go Kelce in round 2 with another rb in round 3 or take a wr in round 3?

Based on mock drafts lately, I’ve been able go choose between Mixon, Evans, and Thielen.

What do you all think? Thanks in advance!

If Kelce is there at end of R2 is your league 8 teams? I mean if its 12 yeah I’d snap take him there. Mixon is value there also. I’d go for best WR available though. Take CMC 1 in full ppr no question for me.

I think you should keep mocking and work out plans and back up plans for a number of different situations.

Mocks are nothing like drafting with your friends and league mates, wild stuff happens all the time. Like just this weekend one of my tightest bros had his work league/couples league draft and one dudes wife took Montgomery at 1.04. You just never know what’s going to happen when the stakes matter.

However, to answer your questions as best as we can;

Based on ADP, at 2.11 and 3.02 you can probably snag two of Hilton, Godwin, Woods, Evans, Cooper, Theilen, and possibly even some Antonio Brown.

Starting out with one of CMC, Kamara or Elliot and pairing that with two of the aforementioned WRs, it’s a really good start.

It’s 10 teams.

It’s 10 teams, sorry I forgot to put that in the post.