Who should I target on the trade block?

My team is seriously lacking in the WR department, thanks to be drafting Antonio Brown and trading Tyler Lockett. There are a couple of WRs on my leagues trade block, such as Juju Smith, Terry Mcclaurin and DJ Chark, among others. This is what my current team looks like…

QB: Murray, Brissett, Newton (IR spot)
RB: McCaffrey, Jacobs, Breida, Henderson
WR: Scantling, M Williams, Westbrook, Watkins, Sanu
TE: Darren Waller

The JuJu owner offered me Pollard and Juju for Breida, but I said I would of preferred Lindsay so he said he would think on it. The Chark owner is looking for TE help so I could offer Chark for Waller but would leave me thin at TE. The even engram owner also has him on waivers so I could try to get him tj Combat that…

I guess my real question is, based on what I have, which should I realistically be trying to get. I feel I could part with Breida or Jacobs, Brissett or cam and waller and try to get a decent TE. What do you guys think? Thanks footclan!