Who should I trade JuJu for?

I agree with the guys from the monday show I think I should sell high on Juju while I can. Im in a 12 team standard keeper league. My other WRs are Boyd, Lockett and Sutton.

was thinking of trading JuJu for Cooper Kupp? Kupp is a 7th round keeper as well which drives up the value a bit but I’m hoping this guy would take Juju based on his name and production thus far.

My other option i was thinking of was Mike Evans, Should I pair a backup rb with him as well to make sure i get it done?

Any other guys you think I could target and would be a good swap to sell high on Juju

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I don’t think you should have to pair anyone with JuJu to get a deal done. Someone in your league will want him based on name appeal.

Target a WR needy team. The team that drafted Hill, AB or Diggs. See if they have players you’re interested in.