Who should I try and pick up off of Wavers?

K.Stills, N.Agholor, B.Marshell, T.lockett, R.cobb or Q.Enunwa? Standard League.

I have P.Garcon, S.Watkins, and M. Goodwin on my bench.

Im dropping Watkins and picking up in following order:

Cobb > Enunwa > Stills > Lockett

Marshall and Agholor are not worth rostering in standard leagues IMO.

Would also be fine with dropping Goodwin. I’m not dealing with any of these players with soft tissue damage. It’s a pain in the ass all season.

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What about Aaron Rodgers knee injury concerns?

If Rodgers is gone, obv Cobb isn’t worth as much. I’m hoping he is healthy and its a risk I’m willing to take with Cobb/Allison. If you want to play it safer, then go Enunwa first.