Who should I try to get for DJ: CMC? Gordon? Connor?

I’m looking to trade away DJ

Should I try to get CMC / Melvin Gordon / James Connor?

I’m not someone who’s looking to trade for Connor. He could have season long value or he could be subbed out a couple of weeks from now.

I don’t mind throwing an offer out for either CMC or Gordon. In order Gordon and then CMC, but should have great PPR years (barring injury)

are you talking straight up?

Just a straight one for one trade. David Johnson for one of them

No for JC, but yeah it cant hurt to ask for either of those guys. i would prefer Gordon over CMC.

idk how competent the people in your league are, but i’m pretty sure the only one of those that would be considered in my leagues would be connor. unless you package with someone else, i doubt you could get that done. That being said, my priority would be melvin, cmc, then connor. I would bet the Cook owner is a little frustrated right now, i’m betting on a huge rebound from him. That would be who i go after.

Yeah the owner of Melvin Gordon is a Chargers fan so I highly doubt he will accept.

I thought I would have a chance with CMC possibly, I’ve also proposed a trade for Hunt too. I’ve decided probably not to pursue Connor because of uncertainty with his continued production and Bell coming back whenever.

You really think Cook is going to come back strong? I’m not entirely sure because the Vikes have Latavius Murray to step in if Cook is even risking a slight injury which takes away a lot of snap time

I’ve just offered these two trades:

DJ + Cooper Kupp for CMC + Will Fuller


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yea if it gets accepted, i think thats a W. CMC is just so damn reliable, then you have fuller to boom. And yes I think Cook will rebound. he has 35 total touches for almost 200 yards over the last two games, he just hasn’t scored yet. plus if you watch his film he is incredibly talented.

Oh trust me I know Cook is good, I’m a Vikes fan haha

I’m just worried because of uncertainty thats all

@MikeMeUpp You seem pretty active on this forum, what’s your thoughts on this?

DJ + Kupp for CMC + Will Fuller

I prefer the CMC side of that trade by quite a bit.


Fuller and Kupp are a slight wash. Depends on what your team needs. If you need ceiling, fuller better. If you need floor, Kupp is the guy. I like both. Only issue is fuller tends to be injury prone. But the gap between CMC and DJ makes up for it

I’m assuming PPR/half PPR format here. If its full PPR, CMC beats out DJ by a MILE.

Yeah I’m hoping the other guy accepts, I simply see more potential since I’m in a full PPR league.

I just don’t wanna wait around for the Cards to figure out how to use DJ when CMC is a great option for PPR.

If there is an offer in a full PPR league of DJ for CMC, I would jump on that immediately. I would give both DJ and Kupp up for CMC.

Do you think I should package it as a 2 for 1 then?

DJ+Kupp for CMC?

If he accepts that, I’d take it pretty quickly. CMC can very realistically hit 100 catches this season.

My worry is my only other two producing WRs are Adams and Thielen, I’m giving up Kupp and my only backups are Edleman and Ted Ginn Jr then

You didn’t get anyone on waivers this past 2 weeks? There were so many great WR pick ups. That does suck for your depth. At least you get edelman back. Ginn JR is a matchup boom bust play at best. Hopefully there are others that show up on the waivers.

Maybe just start with your original offer of DJ/Kupp for Fuller/CMC. Although those types of lateral trades typically don’t work out. Especially when it’s not lateral as CMC > DJ by quite a bit right now.

I haven’t seen anyone worth picking up on my waivers, only guy I wanted was Quincy and i was outbid Week 1 waivers already.

Here is what’s available for WRs

Godwin is 100% a must add. Lockett is also worth a stash. Godwin I’d argue is close to the Kupp tier although just below. A great floor receiver with TD upside. He’s a possession receiver. Him and DJax are on similar tier for me. Been very high on GOdwin in offseason. Pretty sure I have like >80% exposure to him.