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Who should my 3rd Keeper be? 14-team TD league


A few things about the league:

  • Non-PPR
  • 1 point per 20 yards (not 10 yards)
  • 6 points for all TDs

As you can see from the scoring system, it’s less dependent on yards and more dependent on TDs.

Here is my roster (with obvious cuts left off):

  • Jordan Howard (Keeper)
  • Michael Thomas (Keeper)
  • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Sammy Watkins
  • Keenan Allen
  • Eric Decker

Up until recently, Hopkins was a no-brainer for keeper, but he’s been plummeting in ADP and stock.


I hope the footballers jump in on this one, I’d love to see their take.

For me it is still Hopkins, but I can be convinced otherwise. I am in Houston, O’Brian’s system targets Hopkins. Last season Brock ignored his check-downs and targeted the TE instead, the 6 TDs that they scored were designed for Nuk. Who knows with yards, but Houston will use him in the Red Zone.

Add on to that, in 2015, Nuk was one of the more efficient RZ receivers, 67% of his targets in the tenzone were TDs.


With Hopkins still being the best receiver far and away on the Texans, I’d go with him. I can’t trust Allen or Watkins due to injury history and Eric Decker could still be drafted in deeper rounds coming off free agency. That’s my opinion.


I think I would also go Hopkins on this. I’m torn between him and Watkins but I think Hopkins will be the less risky choice between the two as the guy hasn’t missed a game. They’re nearly neck and neck though.


I tend to agree with you guys. It’s going to be brutal seeing Watkins, Allen, and Decker swooped up so quickly. In a 14-team league, pickin’s are slim!

I have a follow-up question coming. Stay tuned!


This is a weirdly formatted league. With it being less dependent on yards, I think Allen is thrown out of the picture, although I like him the best out of the list. It ends up being between Watkins and Hopkins, and I’d have to go with the previous commenters and take Hopkins. Watkins is too much of an injury risk to be utilized as a keeper; you want your keepers to be your reliable sources of production, and unfortunately Watkins has not been that throughout his career