Who shouldI pick up at RB?

I have Zeke, Jonathan Taylor, Ty’Son Williams and Tony Pollard locked onto my roster. I currently have James Conner on my roster but Devin Singletary, Michael Carter and Trey Sermon are on waivers and wonder if any of them would be an upgrade over Conner.

If you can afford the “wait and see” approach, then Michael Carter and Sermon are similar, but would prefer Sermon IF we can get any sort of feeling on what his usage will be like. He will likely be out this week, and Mitchell is still the go to for now. Knowing SF, things will change fast due to more injuries. The only reason I am a little down on Carter is how bad the Jets appear to be.

Singletary can be slotted in now if you absolutely need a flex, but know he can have limited upside. I think both his floor and ceiling are higher than Conner for now, until we see his utilization drop.

Well said. I agree