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Who stared Devante Parker?

He single handedly locked up a first round bye for me. Let’s hear your success stories.

My opponent…


I started Parker and Higbee while also starting Foles and Ronald Jones.

Going to make the playoffs, still need to see how seeing seeding will shake out though

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I had Philly’s D/ST so i started Crowder over Parker…and now my season is over :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :sleepy:

I dropped the Bills for Philly because I couldn’t roster 2 and did not think the Bills would be so damn good Thursday, blows my mind.

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I had him on my bench and should have plugged him in my flex over Aaron Jones, what a disappointment!

Yeah i had Aaron Jones as my RB2, which certainly did not help. I hate Matt LaFleur with a passion.