Who to add to replace Devonta Freeman?

The top options on waivers are:
Tarik Cohen
Buck Allen
Kenyan Drake
Latavius Murray
Frank Gore
Ito Smith

Out of these options, who would you recommend I try to acquire to replace Freeman on my roster?

Ito is probably the guy I would add. But most people might tell you Cohen. I’m just not too sure about him yet so I’m staying away but that could make sense.

I think Ito is a pretty nice / safe play who will get you the 10-12 points a week to not sink your team. He’s also one of the most efficient runners right now. He’s ranked top 6 in yards gained after close. Which is basically how many yards he gets once defenders are within 1 yard of him. The reason why his YPC number is so low is because the falcons Oline is pretty much awful at run blocking when it comes to him. He is seeing -1.6 yards from run blocking which is worst in the league by a wide margin. next closest is like -.5 or something. Which is super weird because the line blocks just fine for Coleman at 1+. I fully expect that to normalize and once it does, I think people will be surprised at how effective Smith will be going forward. I picked him up a couple weeks ago just in case freeman injuries were more serious than people made it out to be so didn’t have to pay much but I think he should be the top waiver add this week.

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Followup question involving Ito Smith…

In another league I have Royce Freeman. Would you drop R. Freeman for Ito Smith?

Yeah that’s a tough call. I would personally rather have smith because he is getting a lot of goal line looks and like I said, I expect his efficiency to come through to production in the long run. Also, he’s in a 2 way time split whereas Freeman is in a 3 way time split and is the last in the pack. As much as we can all sit here and say Freeman is talented and deserves to lead touches, the broncos coaching staff clearly doesn’t see it that way. I’ve seen too many people flush their seasons down the drain based on what they think coaching staff should do vs what they actually do. At some point, just need to come to terms with reality on that Freeman one.

With Ito, you see the exact opposite. Even when freeman was healthy, the coaching staff still clearly wanted to use this guy. They want to see what they have in him so they can make the right offseason decisions regarding freeman/coleman so it makes sense. That is more encouraging to me than the royce situation where the coaching staff are using every excuse to not play him.

If you have someone worse to drop (i.e. WRs), i’d still drop them over freeman but at this point, I have no issues with dropping someone like freeman who is trending down for someone like ito who is trending up.

Also, Ito is at least involved in the passing game which is more than I can say for freeman.

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Another question from a Freeman owner.

What do you think I could get RB wise from a package of Devonta Freeman and Kelce? I offered Freeman and Kelce for Michel and Njoku but the guy didn’t respond fast enough and saw the IR news. Now he won’t accept. My only RB’s are CMC, Devonta, Drake, Mack, Murray. I’m getting super desperate for an RB2, that’s why I’m okay with trading Kelce.

huh? Freeman is on IR. You’re not going to much of anything for him in redraft leagues. Once they on IR, they’re out at least 8 weeks. That’s best case scenario. There’s also just a chance he’s done for the season.

That’s what I was thinking. So is there any kind of RB I could get for Kelce? As you can see, CMC is basically my only reliable RB atm. Maybe trade Kelce and Juju for an RB2?

I’m in a similar situation. I’ve been shopping Freeman in packages and getting turned down for the past several weeks, now I have to just drop him because of the IR. I’m now thinking about moving Aj Green for an RB if i can. I have Gurley but after that my RB’s are so shaky.

I have AJG too and Juju. I’m thinking of trading AJG and Kelce for a low-end RB1/high-mid tier RB2. Sounds good or bad?

That sounds awful. You’re giving up too much. AJG and JuJu are both WR1s. You can get way more than an RB2 or a low RB1.