Who to add? Tre Quan Smith, Hines, or Nick chubb

Not sure who to add. What order should I put in my claims? Right now I have it as Chubb, hines, trequan.

My rbs: Gordon, kerryon, Breida, Miller, ito Smith, Marlon mack

My wr: Evans, Hilton, Boyd, Cooper, Allison.

I agree with that order since you have Mack and good WR’s already. Well mYbe not Cooper…lol.

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It might be prudent to grab Chester Rogers instead of Smith in case Hilton goes down again.

Would you consider picking up uzomah to play over Engram this week?

I wouldn’t. Engram has a superb matchup and he’s been healthy for over a week. Uzomah isn’t a bad play by any means though.

I might drop Cooper and just be done with that. And add maybe MVS to cover for Allison. MVS is better than Adams almost frankly

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But that would lock in a starting GB WR for you ROS

I still believe in Cooper, I know call me crazy but I think during this bye gruden will set Carr straight and have him target Cooper more. Chester Rogers is a good idea though.

Thanks a lot for your input.

Sorry sorry totally agree, thought this was the same thread as another whether I had To retract Cooper suggestion. If he gets traded somewhere he could suddenly be what he’s supposed to be…although that’s the dream he’s been selling every season lol. He’s a good story teller

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One last question. Where would you put Duke Johnson in that order?

Right after Chubb I’d say.

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I’d want at least one half of that. Don’t get that opportunity very often.

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Well now with Gordon out do you start Lamar Miller vs Jax, Duke Johnson vs tb, Marlon Mack vs buf, Snead vs NO or Chester Rogers vs buf