Who to choose from?

I should have these guys to choose from after keeping OBJ and DJ. Who would you choose? If Keenan is there I’m going him but he may be gone.

Green, D Adams, Gronk, Mixon, McCoy, Baldwin, Diggs

.5 PPR

I would take gronk here he is great and a huge advantage at the position

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Gronk or Adams

I’m big on Baldwin and Diggs. Either one in the 3rd Rd would be fine with me.

I’m having troubles to deciding on a WR in the 3rd round aswell. I have the 5th pick and will have guys like Baldwin, ty hilton, hill, McKinnon and Amari cooper to choose from. I’m leaning towards Baldwin though, but his injury makes me nervous… any thoughts?

I think Baldwin will be good and also I was scared on Hill by all preseason he’s been the favorite target. Honestly feel like you can’t go wrong with anyone you named so I’d say go with which ever you believe in.

I’d take Gronk here. You’ve already got a top 5 player at 2 positions, might as well lock up the best TE

Also should mention we have 2 flex spots in .5 ppr