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Who to choose, who to choose


I usually make my stsrt sits solo, but this one has me perplexed right now. I think I have the best lineup set, but I keep flip flopping on it. Tell me what’s up footclan.

QB russel Wilson
RB Melvin Gordon
Kareem hunt
WR odell Beckham
Keenan Allen
FLEX isaiah crowell
TE kyle Rudolph
DST Steelers
K will Lutz


golden tate
Michael Crabtree
Bilal Powell
Devante parker


Very solid lineup. I’d probably start tate or crabtree over allen, as he’s going up against denver.


Yeah I keep on thinking that too. It would be crabtree if anyone, tate is against Arizona so I’m not sure how he will do in the slot against them


Ya in this situation I’d go with Crabtree. Most other matchups I think you’re safe with allen.


I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Allen has a great game, despite the matchup, but I’d probably sub in Crabtree as well.


Crabtree over Allen.


That should do it then. 3 people In full agreement, I’ll trust the footclan. Thanks guys!


Literally only this week for me. I am a big time Allen believer this year, especially I full or half point. I own both guys in my main money league.


Thats how I see it too. This just happens to be week 1 vs probably the best secondary in football. It’s why in considering Powell over crowell too. Just a better matchup.


I might wait to see see if OBJ plays through injury. I’d keep with Allen in PPR - he and rivers will still have that vibe,