Who to cut?

Have too many WRs and will need to stream a TE next week and QB the week after…have Thielen, Fuller, Demaryius, Cole, Davis, Ridley…am I crazy to think about dropping Demaryius bc I like all the others WRs upside?

davis man, thats who would be on my radar to drop. who you trying to pick up? and whats the rest of the RB situation?


I would drop Corey Davis. Least likely to be picked up. That’s pretty much the only reason.

An idea: Trade DT for a position you need?

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if you could, id look at trades. i have DT, he is a week to week guy, he has the volume of the team but couldnt convert much in week 2.

What are you looking for? and do you already have someone in mind?

RBs are Gordon, Fournette, Mixon, Lynch, Gio…im probably just being greedy and overthinking it, but I just hate to drop Davis with his perceived improving situation and Demaryius declining with all those rookies in Denver

Njoku available and then stream any matchup friendly QB, not really looking for anyone, just know and dreading that I’ll havta drop a guy I like to stream QB and TE for a wk

Its Davis for me… I woulda Dropped him too but I traded him in a package deal thank god

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