Who to draft Dynasty

I have the 1.1 in my 10 team dynasty half ppr and am going RB( still undecided between CEH and Taylor). I also have the 2.1. If Vaughn falls to the 2.1, is he too good of a value to pass up or should I go with one of the receivers as planned (Higgins, Mims, Pittman). My next pick would be the 3.9.

That kind of depends on your roster. I would lean wherever you are weakest. I’d go Higgins, Jefferson, Pittman, Aiyuk if you’re weak at WR, but Vaughn if you still need help at RB even after the CEH/Taylor pick (I probably go CEH by the way).

I would go CEH at the 1.01 and not look back. JT is a great back, but CEH with the Chiefs is hard to pass up especially in PPR.

As with the 2.01, go Vaughn if you still need RB help. I would prefer Mims or Pittman at 1.01 tho.