Who to drop - A Miller or P Williams?

Looking to drop a WR to pickup an RB. I would need to drop either Anthony Miller or Preston Williams. I think I like Miller slightly more, but can’t make up my mind. Maybe just racking my brain over a “pick 'em”.


Would not drop Miller. He had a decent week and they may be trading Robinson. Hang on to him.

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The only RB I’m really interested in for my PPR league this week is Nyheim Hines, simply because he made so many points on receptions this last week, even without TDs he looks to bring in some points. Malcolm Brown has my eye, but I picked him up last year after his big week 1…only to drop him a few weeks later when week 1 proved to be an outlier, so I’m more gun shy about Brown this year. Miller has some potential, I think I might be willing to give that a few weeks to develop. I understand the desire for solid RBs since the position is more shallow than WR, but if Miller proves to be an asset, he’ll also have more trade value, so there might be an opportunity to snag a more prove RB from an opponent who ends up needing a WR.

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