Who to drop?BK

Should I pick up chris ivory in my league and drop cousins since I have mahomes?
Or should I look at dropping someone else?
I don’t like trades!

You don’t need to have Cousins rostered since you have Mahomes, but why are you wanting to pick up Ivory?

did you listen to the recent podcast? They said he was a MUST own

I haven’t listened to the podcast today, but I’m assuming they were talking about the rumors that Shady may be traded to the Eagles. It won’t hurt to stash Ivory and see what happens, as Cousins really has little to no value to you.

That being said though, I wouldn’t be too thrilled about Ivory even if Shady is traded and Ivory becomes the lead back. But again, he would be more valuable to you than a 2nd QB who you’ll probably never use outside of Mahomes bye week

Would you prefer Keke Coutee? We only have to play 1 RB in my league min

Yeah I believe I would rather have Coutee honestly, especially with your league’s roster setup