Who to drop? Callaway, Boyd, Cole, Brown

I have to pick up a DEF this week since Chicago is on bye and need to drop someone. I’m leaning towards Callaway. Is that the right decision?

as opposed to what

Leaning towards dropping Callaway as opposed to Tyler Boyd, Keelan Cole, and John Brown.

I would drop either Callaway or Cole. The Jags offense is weird and I’m not sure that I want a part of it unless I had to. Granted I do think Cole is the guy I prefer still, I like the other guys a little more

Callaway or Cole, easy. Although between the two I would lean towards dropping Cole. Do not drop Boyd or Brown.


Id drop cole. As westbrook seems to be coming on

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callaway or cole…

LOL I need to drop Callaway or Godwin; I need to try and snag an RB and trying to scoop up the Titans D…

Godwin all day with Winston coming back. Who knows what will happen with that offense now

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Goodness… don’t even think about dropping Boyd or Brown :hushed:

Boyd and Brown are locked and loaded WR2/Flex every week!

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Good to know everyone believes Boyd and Brown are a lock. Looks like a lot of people are leaning Cole. I think I was tilting on Cole because of his week 2 performance (20+ pts).

thnk i’d keep cole over callaway. just will get more targets i think. but i understand keeping callaway too. not a bad move either way.