Who to drop come Sunday for K

Will need to drop someone on Sunday for a K (was hoping to be able to sit back and go kickerless but matchup won’t allow that this week)

Of the following, who would you drop for a Kicker, 10 Team PPR:

R. Mostert SF RB
R. Freeman DEN RB
M. Jones Jr DET WR
T. McLaurin WSH WR

Current Roster (QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/FLX/DST/K):
QB - Lamar Jackson, Russ Wilson
RB - Saquon, Dalvin, Carson, Mattison, Mostert, Freeman
WR - Kupp, Crowder, Robby Anderson, Manny sanders, McLaurin, Jones Jr
TE - Kelce, Andrews

Royce Freeman


In a vacuum, I’d drop Jones Jr off that list of 4. He’s probably the 3rd pass catching option on his team at best–maybe 4th. But your top 3 RBs are great, and reinforced with a nice handcuff so you need RB depth less than at WR. So I guess I would drop Mostert.

You could probably also drop Wilson. Just 20 pass attempts again. Those guys just don’t want to throw it, and he isn’t running for 30 a game like he used to.

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I would drop mostert…its between him and freeman as the high upside hand cuffs…difference for me is if Lindsey gets hurt they will turn to Freeman 100%…if breida got hurt they would start spliting mostert with jeff wilson…never get the same ceiling.

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I would always drop QB or WR as they are usually easier to find on wavier wire.

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