Who to drop Cooper or Davis?

I need to drop one of these two guys. I have tried packaging them together for a trade and no one wants them. Reason for dropping is that I need to stream a QB this week to replace Newton.

Who should I stream?


Can you really get nothing for them at all in a trade? I mean even a little something of an improvement is better than dropping. If I had to I would drop Cooper. Streaming wise I would prefer Stafford out of that group as the best quarterback in an ok matchup.

What are you trying to get in return?

First… if you’re debating dropping Cooper or Davis, you must have a solid roster. I’m still drinking the kool-aid on Davis (I’m assuming you’re talking about Corey Davis) especially with Rishard Matthews being waived.

I have tried getting josh Gordon, Cooper Kupp, Ju-Ju mike Williams and Calvin Ridley. No one wants them. I do have a solid roster.

WR wise I have


I’d drop Cooper I suppose. If indeed you’re in that kind of a pinch.

I’m in a similar position. I tried to move Cooper, and couldn’t get anyone to give up anything of value… not even fringe dropable players. I say drop Cooper.

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The fantasy community has spoken! LOL

Thanks guys!