Who to drop? Enunwa, Crowell, Jackson?

So here’s my team

QB Andrew Luck
RB LeSean McCoy
RB Royce Freeman
RB Joe Mixon
RB Carlos Hyde
RB Isiah Crowell
WR Odell Beckham
WR Julio Jones
WR Alshon Jeffrey
WR Quincy Enunwa
WR Amari Cooper
WR Emmanuel Sanders
WR DeSean Jackson
TE Evan Engram
K Sam Ficken

Need a DEF for this week. I’m thinking of dropping Enunwa, Crowell, or Jackson, any thoughts?

It’s a Standard League so no ppr

That’s rough. Can you put a trade together quickly? I wouldn’t want to drop any of them.

I can’t trade for this week and I need to start a defense.

Like Crowell + Enunwa/Jackson for somebody Agholor-like.

I kinda have a deal in the works for Crowell and WR for Wentz but it won’t go through until Monday

I guess I’d drop Enunwa as crazy as that sounds. Between Jackson and Enunwa for me - whoever you think will have less trade-value or value to you going forward.

I’m also 0-2 in a 12 team league where 4 make the playoffs so can’t really afford to lose this week

Yea was thinking of tanking this week to try a make a trade but its probably not worth it.

If 4 teams make the playoffs then yeah you probably can’t afford to. Unless you’re up against a total juggernaut this week. Do you have a real shot to win this week? If so, I think you drop Enunwa.

Yea Hyde scored 22 pts so it’s prolly at like 60ish percent if i were to guess

Desean Jackson will end up disappointing everybody, but his current standing can be very enticing to somebody desperate for a WR. More enticing than Enunwa’s. I think Cooper is worth holding on to.

Thanks for all the replies guys I appreciate the advice

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What are you gonna do?

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Dropping Enunwa