Who to drop for a Kicker replacement?

Need a Kicker with GZ on Bye.

My Roster:
Qb-Russ, Watson
Rb-Gordon, Zeek, Howard, Michel, Ekeler, Gus Edwards
Wr-tyreek, juju, ty, Watkins
Te-ertz Olsen

Leaning towards dropping Watkins since I likely won’t play him with Tyreek ever and willing to see if Gus is legit.

Thoughts? PPR

Bump, anything?

I would agree with you and drop Watkins. You might have the change to pick him next week. I wont want to drop anyone else from your team. You have a solid team

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Watkins is the only droppable player

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Uhm, how close is the match-up? Can win without a kicker?

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You could drop Watkins solely because you have Tyreek. I’d rather have traded Watkins a while back and not have the two WRs for the Chiefs at this point in the season. However I think you have no reason to hold on to Gus seeing as you have Zeke and Gordon!

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Thanks everyone ! Dropped Watkins!