Who to drop for a QB

Have a bit of a issue with picking up a QB this week (Brees on bye). Who should I drop to make space for Jameis or Dalton?

Potential Drops:
Cooper, Robby Anderson, Geronimo Allison that’s it

I hate Cooper honestly and wonder if I can just drop him at his point (there is no way he is touching my line up again, shame on me for thinking Gruden will be a good thing for his targets. The obvious one is Allison, but he has actually been fairly consistent and if Cobb is out, has solid upside as well.

If you can’t see yourself starting Cooper then drop him. Even if he has a good game, he is going to be sitting on your bench so drop him

I would try and at least trade cooper. Robby Anderson can be dropped. He had one good game so maybe capitalize on it and trade him to someone with 2 qbs.